TENTMAKERS Year-on-Mission

This is our gap year opportunity. The TENTMAKERS Year-on-Mission is an opportunity for young adults to invest one year of their lives to concentrate on growing in strength and courage as disciples of Jesus Christ. Typically, this is a year in between high school and college, or a year off during college, or a year right after college. Participants grow in compassion, character and faith while developing the imagination, moral courage and tenacity to lead in all walks of life.

A Year-on-Mission for a Life-on-Mission

After being selected, participants secure prayer and financial partners who “send” him/her in the year on mission. The year begins with the TENTMAKERS 40-Day training course for personal development and training experiences to grow in the knowledge, disciplines, skills and attitudes to prepare for the rest of the year. (Refer to the TENTMAKERS 40-Day experience for more information.)

The year continues after the TENTMAKERS 40-Day with the participants serving in a community with three other participants for nine months. During those months, they hold jobs to provide for their living expenses. They serve one or more churches by reaching out to build relationships with high school students and young adults to make disciples. Weekly, the participants meet with a TENTMAKERS coach for continued study and training, and conduct a weekly small group. Each month, they coordinate a book club. This book club is a small group that has agreed to read the same book and then gather to discuss it. During the summer, participants will take a group of students and serve on the training team at the TENTMAKERS week, Leadership Quest.  The year concludes with a 30-day international mission trip in Eastern Europe or a global mission site.

The TENTMAKERS Year-on-Mission provides a wide diversity of experiences and the training, coaching and tools to study and apply God’s Word to all areas of life. 

40-Day Leadership Training kicks off the Year-on-Mission from August 2, 2020 - September 12, 2020 at Wilderness North