We equip and empower disciples to be Biblical tentmakers through training. People in all walks of life are searching for authentic relationships, significance, and success while struggling with how their faith is relevant to vocation and life.

Skills-Based Training

TENTMAKERS builds the confidence and character that compliments formal education with lifelong learning, significance and success,. Our programs include training on twelve key character-building skill sets including communication, learning and thinking, decision making and more.

What's in a Name?


Our name comes from the Apostle Paul who conducted his tentmaking trade (Acts 18:3) while furthering God’s Kingdom. We understand that working and serving others is a sacred calling from God. TENTMAKERS views work and ministry as one.



Our skills-based training augments formal college education and prepares young adults for a life-on-mission. We also serve educators and intergenerational audiences. 

2-DAY:  Typically held over a weekend. Options for teachers/educators (Daniel Weekend) and intergenerational audiences as well (Breakthrough Living and Bridge Builders) . Learn more>>

WEEK: Also known as Leadership Quest, this one-week, wilderness-based leadership training experience is for high school students who have completed grades 10, 11 or 12. Learn more>>

SEMESTER: Christ-centered leadership academy for an intergenerational audience. Learn more>>

40-DAY: Also known as the Daniel Leadership Institute, this is our most comprehensive leader training and coaching program.  It equips and empowers leaders with 12 character-building skills. Learn more>>

YEAR-on-MISSION: A gap year also known as Young Daniel. Participants grow in character and faith while developing the imagination, moral courage and tenacity to lead in all walks of life. 
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