From Year-on-Mission Participant

I have attended to my spiritual foundation in Jesus, gained confidence in myself and my abilities, been able to provide leadership at my church and community and gained clarity on why I am going to college.
— Hannah Patrick
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From Year-on-Mission Participant

I believe doing the Year-on-Mission program right after high school was the best decision I have ever made and one of the biggest blessings the Lord has given me. During my year on mission I learned countless skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.
— Abbey Meyer

From 40-Days Participant

In forty days I gained more skills to educate and to bring people to Christ than I did in my forty-nine years in the public school sector. That’s forty days trumping forty-nine years!
— Finn Laursen, Former President of Christian Educators Association International
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TENTMAKERS is one of the finest Christian training organizations in the world. Dick Amundson and his team have a passion for building impactful, lasting, and effective training that translates to building disciples into every sector of society. Even now as a Senior Pastor of a growing, multiple campus church who has earned degrees at some of the finest seminaries in the world, I still consider my time with TENTMAKERS as some of the most valuable education that I have ever received. I would highly commend TENTMAKERS and their ministries to anyone who wants to personally grow in making a lasting impact for Jesus Christ.

TENTMAKERS training is valuable and unique because the goal is not simply a dispensing of information but a desire to engage people in a way that leads to life transformation. The training cannot be “seen”, “watched” or “read” it MUST BE personally experienced. On a daily basis I am still using the training I received from TENTMAKERS for communication, delegation, leadership and management.
— Dr. Jeff Schwarzentraub Senior Pastor Harvest Bible Chapel, Denver, Colorado

Following a catastrophic flood in Minot, ND that left 1200 people homeless, I had the privilege to organize and lead 9 national disaster response organizations to work together under one roof in an organization we created called Hope Village.

We managed 5200 volunteers from 42 states and 3 Canadian provinces and rebuilt 551 homes for the disaster victims.

Management and motivation on this scale would have been unthinkable for me had I not received TENTMAKERS training.
— Rev. Paul Krueger, Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Minot, ND
pastor paul krueger

pastor paul krueger