Dick Amundson
President and CEO

Dick Amundson is the president and founder of TENTMAKERS. He started the ministry in 1979 in response to the need for more Christ-centered, equipped, and committed youth leaders to make young disciples of Jesus Christ.  Over its 37 years, TENTMAKERS has served ministries, associations and 25 denominations and has more than 25,000 graduates.  More>>

Eric Hofstad
Wilderness North Executive Co-Director

Eric is the Director of Wilderness North along with his wife Lynn.  They live on site. Eric was drawn to work with TENTMAKERS when he learned about the Daniel program with 40 days in the “wilderness”.  Eric had learned in his involvement in a ministry called Mighty Oaks Academy for Men, that 40 days was key to lives changed for Christ.   More>>

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Londa Amundson
Training Director

Londa Amundson is a manager and trainer in leadership development. In 1979, she co-founded TENTMAKERS with her husband Dick. Over the years, she has functioned in various capacities from accountant to cook, to trainer and director. Her major focus has been development of the organization’s unique training process. More>> 


Lynn Hofstad
Wilderness North Executive Co-Director

Lynn Hofstad: My husband, Eric, and I are the facilities Directors at Wilderness North Leadership Training Camp in the northern Minnesota wilderness.  We were both drawn to TENTMAKERS' focus on developing lifelong Christ-centered disciples in everyday activities and occupations. (1 Cor. 10:31 "whatever you do, do all to the glory of Christ."). 


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Mark Eliason
Senior Trainer/Alumni Relations

Mark has been on staff with TENTMAKERS since September of 1989 after completing the TENTMAKERS Youth Ministry Training and serving a church community in La Crosse, WI.  He has carried a number of roles over the years and right now mainly focuses on the preparation and delivery of the different TENTMAKERS training events available. More>>

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Owen Cooper
Senior Trainer/Year on Mission Director

Owen is a site leader for Young Daniels in Whitewater, WI. He was on staff with TENTMAKERS from 2006-2008 and has continued to work with the organization in different capacities since then. He has an B.A. From Taylor University in Biblical studies and Christian education and is currently working on a Masters of Ministry from the Antioch School. Owen also is a pastor at Living Word Fellowship in Whitewater. Owen is married to Staci and they have 7 children. 


Tracy Garrison
Finance Manager

Tracy Garrison joined TENTMAKERS in 2007 with over twenty years of accounting experience. She enjoys spending time outdoors and family time with her husband and two sons. Knowing that today's youth will become tomorrow's leaders, she is pleased that TENTMAKERS encourages and equips today’s youth for a brighter future.