TENTMAKERS Change Academy (Semester)

The TENTMAKERS Change Academy is a one-semester Christ-centered leadership academy for an intergenerational audience with a focus on young adults.

It builds the confidence and character that compliments formal education with life-long learning, significance and success.

The Academy is offered over 14 weeks beginning in the Fall or Winter in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (additional locations are being planned). It includes 3 weekend leadership camps, and weekly sessions for training, study, and field assignments that require approximately 15-20 hours/week.

The experience is an entirely different kind of education and is especially suited for young adults between high school and college, a semester off during college, or a semester right after college.

Participants are equipped with the values, skills, relationships and courage to serve, succeed, and lead. The focus is on stretching to sharpen skills and on learning by discovery, by doing and by interacting with the elder wisdom in the community.

The training includes the 12 character building skills that are the hallmark of TENTMAKERS training.


Program Outline

  • Week 1

    • Begins with a weekend leadership camp
  • Each Week

    • One 6.5 hour training session
    • One 2 hour accountability group
    • 2-4 hours of field assignments
    • 3-5 hours of prep and study time
  • Week 5

    •  A weekend leadership camp
  • Week 10

    • A weekend leadership camp
  • Week 14

    • Concludes with a Celebration Dinner and Commissioning