Transformational Training

TENTMAKERS training is drawn from Biblical wisdom and principles. It is:

  • Unique, powerful and transformational.
  • Led by a Christ-centered team with intensive interaction.
  • Conducted in an environment of affirmation, discipline, and encouragement.


We equip and empower the current and next generations of leaders to be Biblical tentmakers who live out their God-given calling and transform culture through Christ.

Our Name

Our name comes from the Apostle Paul who conducted his tentmaking trade while furthering God’s Kingdom (Acts18:3).

Biblical tentmakers purpose to know Christ and love God. They:

  • Live a life on mission, in community, as disciples of Jesus
  • Pursue life-long learning
  • Lead while bringing out the best in others
  • See work and ministry as one


    To know Christ and love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


    Our programs include training on twelve key character building skill sets. Learning is from the modeling, discovery and practice of time-tested principles. Some of these learning experiences take place at Wilderness North, a 1500-acre retreat, training and conference center in the Lake Superior National Forest in northeast Minnesota.