Holly Bagley


Holly has a passion to make the heart of Jesus real wherever she goes. Over the last 25 years, she worked in ministry from youth ministry to world missions, chemical dependency centers to prisons. She has her Master’s degree in Business Management, with an emphasis in Organizational Development and Marketing. Holly has a pioneering spirit, which has led her to develop ministries and businesses from the ground level up. Holly first connected with Tentmakers in 1993 with their Youth Ministry Training Program. Then in August of 2015, she found herself at their retreat center, Wilderness North. Arriving “randomly” with a friend, she reconnected with Tentmaker’s staff and mission.

As a member of the staff team today, Holly is involved on a variety of levels; marketing, partnership development, staff recruitment and enjoys training when possible. Holly also has a fiery passion for experiencing other cultures, listening to other people’s stories and learning something from each person she meets. To relax, she enjoys heart felt conversations over a warm beverage and a fireplace during Minnesota’s winters. Though she is friendly, she loves to kickbox, or take long walks with friends (or dog Sasha), and has a mild candy-addiction for Smarties and European black Licorice.


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Holly currently raises her own financial support to be able to serve on staff with the Tentmakers Leadership Team. When you become a financial partner with Holly, you will get regular email updates from Holly about what is happening, and how you can pray or be involved, so you know how you are making a difference!

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