Character-Building Training and Curriculum

Our curriculum equips and empowers with training on these skill set areas.


  • Confidence to initiate conversation and reach out to others
  • Become a compelling and active listener
  • Build lasting and meaningful relationships
  • Draw the best out of others, and learn to manage conflict


  • Become a compelling speaker
  • Build credibility and speak with clarity
  • The ability to create positive group environments enhanced with respect and understanding


  • Inspire others to dream and achieve                         
  • Be self-motivated while helping others overcome obstacles, disappointments, procrastination and fear
  • Live with more purpose, passion and enthusiasm

Personal Management                                        

  • Be who God called you to be and gain a clearer vision and direction for your life
  • Articulate your personal beliefs, convictions and your philosophy of life with confidence
  • Develop concrete strategies and plans to achieve desired results and build your own personal board of advisors

Organizational Management

  • Build people and help them succeed
  • Skills to plan, organize, delegate and achieve desired results with and through others
  • Help yourself and others to become accountable; servant leadership with humility, integrity and stewardship

  Decision Making                               

  • Gain the skills for problem solving
  • Use creative thinking skills to cultivate the imagination
  • Establish criteria for solutions
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Learning and Thinking                       

  • Skills for lifelong learning and thinking for yourself
  • Skills to unlock the art of learning and to see and think in new ways
  • Critical thinking and discernment skills
  • Gain understanding of the classical liberal arts heritage

Wisdom Seeking                               

  • Discern wisdom from knowledge while gaining prudence and good judgment
  • Skills to gain wisdom from the experience of others through skillful listening and question asking
  • Skills to identify and meet the people you want to learn from

Following Jesus       

  • Practice the skills to know and understand the life, teachings and wisdom of Jesus.
  • Learn to share the Gospel and be a disciple of Jesus the Christ.
  • Acquire tools for Bible study
  • How to transform culture through the teaching and spirit of Jesus
  • How to deal with rejection, hardship and suffering


  • Discover truth by seeing the world through the heart and mind of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Understand how a Christ-centered Biblical worldview compares and contrasts with other prevailing worldviews
  • Expand your worldview by learning from the sufferings, failures and successes of others
  • Examine how thoughts and beliefs impact self-concept and behavior


  • How to lead Bible study groups
  • Make disciples who make disciples
  • Skills to help others discover joy and freedom
  • Skills to help others experience inner-healing and transformation through Christ


  • How to develop your own livelihood
  • Transform dreams into realities through creative thinking, planning and sound decision-making
  • Learn the fundamentals of implementing a start-up plan                                    


  • Gain ability to articulate the founding values and principles of the U.S.A.
  • Understand the principles of self-government
  • Articulate the system of education that produced the American founders.
  • Communicate the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship