TENTMAKERS 2-Day Experience

For Young Adults

The Tentmakers 2-Day experience is an intergenerational relational format that focuses on the challenges and solutions facing young adults today. The two days are generally held on weekends and in various places around the United States. See the calendar for upcoming times and places.

Participants build relationships with each other and use creative thinking to identify challenges and plans of action they can take as followers of Jesus.  It is often a launch pad to other Tentmakers experiences and designed to motivate and encourage participants to be more bold and purposeful in their daily lives. 

For Public School Educators

The Daniel Weekend is by invitation only for those who are nominated. Nominees are invited to participate in a weekend to share their wisdom on how public schools can be transformed with God’s love and truth. This weekend is co-sponsored by the Christian Educators Association International. *see below for links to necessary documents

For Intergenerational Audiences

Breakthrough Living

A time to pause and reflect on one’s past, present and future. The purpose is to sharpen personal management skills and develop a Life Management Plan, with a focus on four major sections:

  1. (1) Life’s foundation: Who am I and what do I believe?
  2. (2) Present and Past: Where am I and where have I been?
  3. (3) The Future: Where am I going?
  4. (4) The Journey: How do I get there while having while living each day with meaning and purpose?


Developing and sharpening the attitudes to forget oneself and focus on others…turning strangers into friends and building lasting and meaningful relationships.

NOTE: Two day experiences may be custom designed to meet the needs of specific churches, organizations or groups with one or more of the 12 life-giving character building skills.