TENTMAKERS 2-Day Experience

For Public School Educators

Daniel Weekend

The Daniel Weekend is by invitation only for those who are nominated. Nominees are invited to participate in a weekend to share their wisdom on how public schools can be transformed with God’s love and truth. This weekend is co-sponsored by the Christian Educators Association International. 

If you are interested in participating email us at info@tentm.org

For Intergenerational Audiences

Breakthrough Living

Participants gain skills in life-planning, learning how inner thinking and beliefs impact behavior and attitudes, as well as establishing a Christ-centered, long-range perspective.  

Bridge Builders

Participants gain skills and confidence in developing deeper relationships, building people and ministering to others.

NOTE: Two day experiences may be custom designed to meet the needs of specific churches, organizations or groups with one or more of the 12 life-giving character-building skills.